For Immediate Release

March 4, 2002

Health Department Officials
Inform Students And Parents
About Probable Case Of Tuberculosis
Involving High School Student

Monday, March 4, 2002, Cumberland County Health officials began responding to a case of tuberculosis (TB) involving a student who attends Pine Forest High School.

Immediately upon learning about the suspected case, letters were drafted and sent out the following day to the parents of all students who attend the school. A second letter went home with the students who were believed to have been in close contact with the infected student.

Wednesday, March 6, public health officials began administering skin tests to some of the students to screen for tuberculosis. The skin tests will be administered over several days.

Parents with concerns about tuberculosis are able to call Marie Loveland at the Public Health Department at 433-3792 or Care Link at Cape Fear Valley Health System at 609-5465. The 24 hour hotline has nurses available to answer general health-related questions.

General information on tuberculosis can be found at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Web site at

For more information on this news release, you can contact Cumberland County Public Information Director Tonya Harris-Council at 437-1921.

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