For Immediate Release

March 11, 2002

Pine Forest High School
Tuberculin Results

The Cumberland County Health Department has tested 298 students and staff at Pine Forest High School. The results of the testing show that 3 individuals have had a positive reaction to the tuberculin test administered to them last week. There remain 17 students who still require testing but were either absent from school last week or have transferred out since December and the Health Department will be following up with these students during the course of this week. The Health Department will be retesting all students and staff who tested negative within the next two to three months in order to confirm that these individuals continue to test negative to TB exposure.

At this time, based on these preliminary findings, the degree of exposure to the students and staff does not appear to indicate a need for expanded testing within the school. However, as new information becomes available as a result of ongoing investigation, the Health Department may, at a later date, test more individuals should the need arise.

The Health Department would like to thank the school administration, the students and staff of Pine Forest High School for their understanding and cooperation during this investigation. The Health Department is also grateful to our school health nurses and many other public health nurses who dedicated their time and expertise in making this a smooth process for everyone involved.

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