For Immediate Release

May 31, 2001

2001 Answer Books©
Available at Local Libraries

The 2001 edition of the Answer Book© is available for purchase from any Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center (CCPL&IC) location beginning June 1. Due to recent budget cuts and staff shortages, this will be the last printed edition produced by the library system.

The Answer Book© is an extensive collection of data about human service agencies and groups of interest to the citizens of Cumberland County. The cost of the Answer Book© is $3.00 per copy. A digital version of the book is available at the library’s website Citizens may also use dial–up access to search the ACCESS database, based on the Answer Book©, by calling 483-5212 from their computer modems. The database is listed under “Community Information.” This database will continue to be maintained by Information Services staff.

For questions relating to the Answer Book© or to place an order of 10 or more copies, call ACCESS Information Services at 483-7727 ext. 250.

The Answer Book© and related databases are prepared and maintained by Nora Armstrong, CCPL&IC Information and Referral Coordinator, along with Gloria McFadden and Judith Stoddard.

For more information, contact Amanda Crabtree, Public Information Coordinator, by phone at (910) 483-1580 ext. 119 or by email at

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