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January 3, 2001

Library to Raise Fees
in Attempt to Increase County Revenue

Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center's (CCPL&IC) fees will increase effective March 1, 2001.

In a meeting late last year, County Manager James Martin challenged all county departments to investigate and recommend increases in user fees which would provide increased revenues to assist with the continuing need for additional financial resources in the face of an upcoming difficult budget year.

Still adjusting to the $500,000 reduction in the library's budget last year, CCPL&IC Director Jerry Thrasher accepted the challenge. At the December meeting of the Library Board of Trustees, Thrasher proposed changes to six different library fees. The fee changes were approved by the board and will go into effect the first day of March 2001.

The fee changes are as follows:

Fee Current as of January 2001 Effective March 1, 2001
Lost Library Cards $1.00 $2.00
Overdue Charges $.10 per day $.20 per day
Maximum Overdue Charge
(excluding audio-visuals)
$3.00 $5.00
Replacement Materials-Fully Processed $3.00 per item
+cost of material
$5.00 per item
+ cost of material
Interlibrary Loans -Local Requests $0 $2.00 per item
Interlibrary Loans -Photocopy Requests Free up to 9 pages $1.00, plus $.15 per page
Temporary Computer Use Card (30 day) Not available $5.00

"While we realize Cumberland County residents were greatly affected by the reduction in service hours, we feel that since almost all of the approved fee increases are penalty-based, customers that follow current library policies will not be adversely affected," stated Library Director Jerry Thrasher. "We are also adding the option of a temporary computer card to transients or visitors to the area who do not wish to pay the out-of-county fees for limited computer access."

Thrasher estimates that the fee increases will raise an estimated $100,000 in revenue for the county, which will not be needed from local property tax.

CCPL&IC's fees had not been raised in approximately 12 years. No fee had been charged for interlibrary loan services in the past, although this is one of the most costly services provided by the library, including postage and packaging.

Fees of adjoining and metropolitan county library systems in North Carolina were reviewed during the investigation of the fee increase.

For more information, contact Amanda L. Crabtree, Public Information Coordinator, by phone at 483-1580 ext. 119 or by email at

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