For Immediate Release

October 19, 2000

Cumberland County Public Library
& Information Center
Shines in National Comparison

Fayetteville,NC - Among the 78 responding public libraries in its population grouping, the Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center (CCPL&IC) excels in several categories, according to an annual statistical study produced by the Public Library Data Service. The report was presented by Deputy Director Jody Risacher to the CCPL&IC Library Board of Trustees at their October 19 meeting, held at the Hope Mills Branch Library.

Risacher informed the Board that the library ranked in the upper 25% for three categories: Annual Percentage of Expenditures for Materials; Program Attendance; and Annual Materials Expenditure Per Capita. In a children’s services survey, the study showed that CCPL&IC received the rating of “High” for two categories. In nine other categories, the library ranked above median (median is defined as the middle score in a distribution so that half the measures fall above it and half fall below it).

Throughout the study, CCPL&IC is compared with some fairly large libraries such as New Orleans, Toledo-Lucas (Ohio), Pikes Peak (Colo.) and Minneapolis (Minn.). “Even though we fall within the lower range of this population grouping (499,999 to 250,000), we show an ability to compete with much larger libraries in the area of excellence,” stated Risacher. Noting that this data was taken from fiscal year information ending in June of 1999, Risacher said: “Recent budget cuts could compromise our ability to maintain such a high degree of achievement in future studies.”

For more information about this study, contact Amanda Crabtree, CCPL&IC Public Information Coordinator, at 910-483-1580 ext. 119.

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