For Immediate Release

December 7, 2000

Cumberland-Harnett County
Boundary Line Survey To Be Conducted
By North Carolina Geodetic Survey

Cumberland and Harnett Counties have requested a survey be conducted by the North Carolina Geodetic Survey to establish the boundary line between the counties. The Geodetic Survey is a department of the Office of State Planning, and assists the counties with mapping and survey matters.

The project between Cumberland and Harnett counties will begin sometime during the Winter of 2000 and continue through the Spring of 2001. Hobbs, Upchurch and Associates of Southern Pines were chosen by the State to conduct the survey.

The Geodetic Survey has conducted many boundary line determinations throughout the State. Many of these boundary determinations are made to improve the mapping and geographic information efforts underway in the counties.

Often county boundaries were marked with monuments that were subject to erosion or decay, such as trees or man-made monuments. As monuments decay over time, the exact location of the boundary can be lost. The Geodetic Survey will place permanent monuments, using Global Positioning Systems (GPS), so that in the event the new monuments are ever destroyed, their exact location can be determined using GPS.

Surveyors, engineers and other professionals rely on these monuments in establishing property boundaries within the counties. The current survey for Cumberland and Harnett counties is a part of the ongoing efforts of Harnett County to identify its boundaries.

County Tax Administrators, Garrett Alexander (Cumberland) and L. C. O'Quinn (Harnett) are requesting the assistance of the media in informing the public of the project. For additional information you may contact Mr. Alexander at 910-678-7540 or Mr. O'Quinn at 910-893-7521.

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