For Immediate Release

December 8, 2000

CCPL&IC Wins Awards for
Trustee of the Year, Outstanding Children's
and Adult Programs and Intellectual Freedom

Fayetteville, NC - Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center (CCPL&IC) won four awards at the annual meeting of the North Carolina Public Library Director's Association (NCPLDA).

At an awards banquet held on Thursday, December 7 in Durham, North Carolina, Kim Martin Shaffer was one of two recipients of the Trustee of the Year Award. Mrs. Schaffer was nominated for the award in recognition of her leadership and courage in defending the ideals of a public library and intellectual freedom in service to her community.

CCPL&IC's Sister Library Project was recognized as the Outstanding Children's Program. This project began in June 1999 when CCPL&IC was selected as a Sister Library by the Sister Libraries: A White House Millennium Council Project. This project is sponsored by the US National Commission on Library and Information Science and Sister Cities International. CCPL&IC was paired with Biblioteque Pour Tous, in St. Avold, France, Fayetteville, North Carolina's Sister City and has hosted numerous children's programs and activities promoting the partnership.

The Outstanding Adult Program Award was given for a cultural awareness program hosted by the library entitled Asian Cultures Alive and Well in Cumberland County. During this program, county residents from India, Japan, and the Philippines wore traditional attire, described their countries, and led the audience in folk songs, dance, and crafts. Through this program and several other related programs, the library helps to raise cultural awareness throughout Cumberland County.

CCPL&IC Director Jerry Thrasher was also presented with the Intellectual Freedom Award in recognition of exemplary contributions for the cause of intellectual freedom in Cumberland County and North Carolina.

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