For Immediate Release

August 16, 2000

County Manager Resignation Letter

Mr. Ed G. Melvin, Chairman
Board of County Commissioners
PO Box 1829
Fayetteville, NC 28302

Dear Mr. Melvin:

As you recall over a year ago during a Board Meeting I was asked to respond to questions regarding my retirement plans. At that time I indicated I would set a retirement date following the sale of my home. Unfortunately due to the depressed residential real estate market in Fayetteville, I have been unable to sell my home and I have no idea when a sale may occur. In view of this continued uncertainty and after much soul searching, I have concluded it would be in the best interest of the County as well as Wanda and me that I set a date certain for my retirement. Accordingly, kindly accept this letter as notification of my decision to retire from County service effective October 1, 2000.

From now through the end of September I plan to concentrate my efforts on assuring that James Martin, Juanita Pilgrim, Cliff Spiller and the other Senior Managers are thoroughly familiar with all matters in which I am personally involved. I have the utmost confidence in the abilities of these individuals and I am confident a seamless transition will be achieved.

Over the next several weeks I plan to take time off to utilize excess leave that I have accrued. I will keep Marsha Fogle advised of my schedule.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Cumberland County and I will always be grateful for the support the Board and the County Staff have given me over the years.



Clifford G. Strassenburg
County Manager

cc: County Commissioners

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