Environmental Enforcement

Cumberland County Solid Waste Management is responsible for patrolling, investigating, writing citations and enforcing the litter and illegal dumping code.

Our Environmental Enforcement Inspectors have numerous duties:

  • Patrol the county investigating complaints
  • Enforce Solid Waste Ordinances
  • Write citations and/or Notice of Violations
  • Operate the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility
  • Investigate SW User Fee inquiries
  • Prosecute individuals who ignore citations/notice of violations

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has a Litter Management page which offers online services for Adopt-A-Highway, Litter Information (litter prevention, activity book, laws, sweep, Swat-a-Litterbug), Keep America Beautiful, and other information.

Secure Your Load

Transporting unsecured loads is unsafe and illegal. Loads must be properly secured with a cargo net, tarp and/or tie-downs. Millions of dollars are spent yearly to remove trash that blows or is thrown from vehicles and truck beds. About 25,000 accidents can be attributed to roadway debris annually, throughout the nation.

It is illegal in North Carolina to haul an improperly secured load. Penalties for littering include up to a $2,000 fine, community service work and one point on your driver license upon conviction.

Section 1. G.S. 14-399 – When litter is blown, scattered, spilled, thrown or placed from a vehicle or watercraft, the operator thereof shall be presumed to have committed this offense.

Citizens are also responsible for keeping North Carolina roadways clean. Remember, if you don’t secure your loads you may be contributing to the litter along our roadways as debris may blow out due to wind drafts caused by higher speeds. Don’t rely on the weight of an item to keep it in place during travel, secure the item.

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Director: Amanda L. Bader, PE

To report ILLEGAL DUMPING, call the Environmental Hotline at