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Rabies Vaccination Clinics

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Rabies Vaccination Clinics for Spring 2021 will not be held. Please note that rabies vaccinations are still available through your local veterinarians.  It is still recommended to keep your animal on the proper vaccination schedule.

Facts About Rabies


  1. Keep wild animals out of your home. (Secure doors and windows, cap chimneys with screens, and close any openings in foundations, porches, basements and attics.)
  2. Stay away from strays and other people's pets.
  3. Confine your pet to your property.
  4. Secure trash and store garbage and pet food in animal-proof containers.
  5. Spay or neuter your pet.
  6. Have your animals vaccinated.
  7. Save your pets' vaccination certificates.
  8. Treat all animal bites and scratches seriously.
  9. Act on any attack or bite suffered by your pet.
  1. Leave uneaten containers of pet food outdoors.
  2. Feed wild animals or leave food out for them.
  3. Allow your pets to run loose.
  4. Try to tame wild animals.
  5. Try to capture any wild animal by yourself.
  6. Try to vaccinate your own pets against rabies.
  7. Destroy the brain of any suspect animal. (If an animal must be destroyed, don't shoot it in the head. The brain must be intact and kept under refrigeration for laboratory examination for the presence of rabies.)
  8. Accept the advice of unqualified persons with regards to rabies.


To remain properly immunized, a dog or cat must receive two rabies vaccinations one year apart, then one vaccination every three years thereafter.

North Carolina Law: "The owner of every dog and cat over four months of age shall have the animal vaccinated against rabies." In Cumberland County, the owners of dog and cats which have not been vaccinated in accordance with this law are subject to a civil penalty in the amount of $100.

For more information, please call Cumberland County Animal Services Department at 910-321-6851 or Environmental Health Division, Cumberland County Health Department at 910-433-3660.

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