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GenX Information


The video above is from the May 29, 2018 community information session by the North Carolina Departments of Environmental Quality and Health and Human Services about the GenX investigation. 

 Well Testing map

For more maps and data, visit the GenX Groundwater section of the state's Department of Environmental Quality website.

Drinking Water Safety

Cumberland County is working to ensure that the public is kept informed about the presence of GenX and any other compounds in private drinking and surface water sources near the Chemours Plant, which is near the Cumberland and Bladen County line.

Cumberland County officials are closely monitoring water and air quality testing for GenX and are working to learn more about the compound’s health impacts.

The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners approved the hiring of an engineering firm to complete a Preliminary Engineering report for extending water lines in the Gray's Creek Water and Sewer District. Commissioners also approved an Interlocal Agreement with the Public Works Commission to pay an equal share cost for the report. Click here for news release.


The video above is from the Dec. 14, 2017 community information session by the North Carolina Departments of Environmental Quality and Health and Human Services about the GenX investigation. 


GenX Frequently Asked Questions

NCDEQ and NC DHHS Updates:

The N.C. departments of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Health and Human Services (DHHS) began investigating the presence of GenX in the Cape Fear River in June. 

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EPA Drinking Water Information

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets standards for drinking water quality and regulates drinking water safety. Below are two helpful links with information about the EPA and drinking water requirements and safety:

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Well Water Safety

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Who to Contact with Questions

  • NC Department of Environmental Quality: 919-707-8200 
  • US Environmental Protection Agency’s regional office: 1-800-241-1754

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Documents for Downloading & Printing

GenX Health Information Fact Sheet

PFAS Fact Sheet 

Documents courtesy of State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Division of Public Health

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Water Testing Scam Alert

The state Attorney General’s office is warning residents to beware of companies offering free water testing related to GenX.

Beware of companies that offer free water testing that requires an at-home visit because they claim that sending them a sample of your water “may spread the GenX contamination.” Also, be on the lookout for companies claiming that they can decontaminate well or water supplies with miraculous but expensive products.

These claims, promoted through mailings, flyers and door-to-door solicitations, are highly questionable. Accurate testing requires a laboratory. It can’t be accomplished through in-home testing, which is easily manipulated to show contamination. And there are no miracle products that treat water for GenX contamination.

Please notify the Attorney General’s office immediately if you receive a GenX-related solicitation. Remember, exploiting fear is a favorite tactic of scam artists. When in doubt, verify that a company is legitimate by contacting the Better Business Bureau.

If you receive a GenX-related solicitation, report it to Kevin Anderson with the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division by calling 919-716-6006 or 1-877-5-NO-SCAM, or by filing a complaint online at

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