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Community Health Assessment

The Community Health Assessment (CHA) describes the health of the community by identifying and presenting information on the community’s health status, needs, and resources. Its goal is to describe the health needs of the community and to develop strategies to address those needs.

The CHA also identifies areas where better information is needed, especially information on health disparities among various subpopulations, and the quality of health care. The CHA is conducted every three- four years to meet requirements for the Consolidated Agreement between the NC Division of Public Health and State Accreditation of Local Health Departments. As a part of the Affordable Care Act, Non-profit Hospitals are now required to conduct a Community Health (Needs) Assessment at least every three years. 


State of the County's Health Report (SOTCH)

The State of the County Health (SOTCH) Report is an annual report that provides information on health priorities identified in the 2019 Community Health Assessment and reviews recent mortality and morbidity data for Cumberland County. In North Carolina, the state requires each local health department to conduct a Community Health Assessment (CHA) every three or four years. During the years between health assessments, health directors submit an abbreviated SOTCH report. This report will highlight the progress of local programs and initiatives in addressing the top five health issues as identified by Cumberland County. The identified issues are: Access to Health Services; Economy (employment, housing, food security, and living below poverty); Exercise, weight, and nutrition; Public Safety, and Substance Abuse. These snapshots of progress support the Healthy North Carolina 2020 goal of making North Carolina a healthier state.


Health Department Annual Report

The Annual Report highlights programs and accomplishments throughout the Health Department.

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