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In 1965 the Medicaid Program was created by Congress. Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic Treatment (EPSDT) was established in 1967 by President Johnson – DHEW. This was a recommendation to address healthcare of children in low income families. The cause for the recommendation by President Johnson was due to the lack of men not being able to enter into the Armed Forces during the Vietnam War because of the lack of childhood immunizations. The North Carolina Medicaid Program began at the Department of Social Services in 1970. Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic Treatment's (EPSDT) name was changed to Healthy Children and Teens Program in 1987.

Why are Health Check and EPSDT Important?

The Health Check Program is a preventive health care program for Medicaid-eligible children ages birth through 20. A Health Check examination is the only well child preventive health visit reimbursed by Medicaid. The Health Check Program's goal is to provide children with the opportunity to maximize their health and development. Health Check covers complete medical and dental care and provides vision and hearing screenings as well as referrals for treatment. The program also identifies treatments that are medically necessary to correct or ameliorate a defect, physical mental illness or a condition that is identified through a screening examination.

Compared to insured children, uninsured children are:

  • 25% more likely to miss school
  • 8X less likely to have a regular source of care
  • 4X more likely to delay or avoid care when needed
  • 5X more likely to seek care from an emergency room
  • 7X more likely not to have prescription filled

North Carolina has two health insurance programs for children:

Both are similar in what they offer.

  • North Carolina Health Check (Medicaid for children)
  • North Carolina Health Choice (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Roles of North Carolina Health Check Coordinator:

  • Coordinates preventive health care for Medicaid children from birth to age 20 and promotes the State Health Check and Health Choice programs. The Coordinator is the liaison between the Medicaid recipient or responsible family member, and physicians, other providers, professional organizations and agencies supporting preventive services in the community
  • Make follow up contacts to family households when a child is past due for a Health Check Screening and Immunization
  • Contact households on proper use of Emergency Room and the medical home concept
  • Contact households when they have failed to keep an appointment with their Primary Care Provider
  • Identifies community resources for the client population and make referrals to agencies as appropriate
  • Increases community awareness of the Health Check/NC Health Choice Programs on a regular basis by participating in health fairs, or other appropriate means of communication likely to reach eligible families
  • Provide in-service/informational literature explaining Health Check to community organizations i.e. presentations

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