Sobriety Court

Sobriety Court is a problem-solving court that uses a supervised treatment system to treat high-risk DWI offenders who demonstrate destructive behaviors coupled with alcohol abuse. Sobriety Court’s focus is to intensively monitor high-risk defendants currently awaiting trial and to actively supervise and treat convicted DWI offenders on probation.

The mission of Sobriety Court is to prohibit the use of alcohol and to provide support to addicted participants in their recovery process. Sobriety Court helps participants become clean and sober.

Sobriety Court aims to:

  • Treat alcohol addicted DWI offenders by assisting the offender in rebuilding his or her life
  • Provide safety for our community by intensive monitoring of high-risk DWI offenders
  • Educate individuals about the dangers of alcohol  
  • Save the lives of both offenders in treatment and innocent lives in our community


Services Provided

Intensive monitoring by probation officers and law enforcement

Continuous alcohol and drug testing

Mandatory curfews and curfew enforcement checks

Participation in substance abuse treatment (including four community support meetings a week)

Participation in educational classes such as cognitive behavioral intervention classes

Weekly office visits and call-ins

Required court appearances twice monthly

Contact Us

412 West Russell Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301

Phone:  910-677-5533
Fax: 910-437-1909

Interim Director: Caroline Melvin
Misdemeanor Diversion

Sobriety Court Coordinator
Alvin D. Chestnut
Phone: 910-321-7123
Fax: 910-437-1909