Information Services

Provides defendant information to the courts, law enforcement, prosecution, defense, Clerk of Court and other related agencies.

Screening/Investigative Services

Interviews jailed individuals, obtains information from arresting agencies, verifies family information and makes appropriate release recommendations to the court.

Release Services

Provides the local judiciary with alternatives to incarceration by overseeing the Pretrial Release & Electronic Monitoring programs, while impacting the jail population and budget.

Supervision Services

Provides monitoring and supervision for pretrial defendants, ensures program compliance and makes referrals to treatment programs and other community agencies as needed.

Contact Us

412 West Russell Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301

Phone:  910-677-5533
Fax: 910-437-1909

Interim Director: Caroline Melvin
Misdemeanor Diversion

Sobriety Court Coordinator
Alvin D. Chestnut
Phone: 910-321-7123
Fax: 910-437-1909