Pretrial Services

Cumberland County Pretrial Services helps reduce the jail population by recommending the release of qualified defendants and supervising the defendants upon their release.

The mission of Cumberland County Pretrial Services is to provide the local judiciary with an alternative to incarceration while maintaining public safety and the integrity of the Criminal Justice System. It is also the mission of Pretrial Services to promote the exchange of information and cooperation among local Criminal Justice Agencies.

Established as the Pretrial Release Program in 1975, Cumberland County Pretrial Services serves the fourth largest metropolitan area in North Carolina with an area population of approximately 300,000.

Pretrial Services screens those in custody for program eligibility by recommending the release of those defendants who have been carefully reviewed for qualification for either the Pretrial Release program or Electronic House Arrest.

Phone: 910-677-5533
Fax: 910-437-1909
Address: 412 West Russell Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301
Interim Director: Caroline Melvin
Email: contact_us_icon

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