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Lost a Pet

What to do if your pet is lost

  • Search for your pet or create a lost pet profile
  • List your pet on PawBoost
  • Search your own neighborhood, thoroughly. Post on Nextdoor app.
  • Stop by or call the Cumberland County Animal Shelter to see if your pet has been impounded. Call all other humane societies, animal care and Services agencies and protection organizations.
  • Place a classified ad in the Lost & Found in the paper -- it's FREE (call 678-9000 or 1-800-345-9895)! Remember, when placing the ad to leave out one identifying aspect of your pet, so that you will know for sure when someone calls if it is legitimate.
  • Place posters in your neighborhood, local shopping center, churches, veterinary offices, grocery stores, community centers, etc.
  • DO NOT despair, or lose hope...go to your local animal shelter daily. Many times an animal that has been found will not be taken to a shelter right keep checking at your local shelters. Do Not just call, you should go to the shelter and look for yourself. Only you know your pet!
  • Question neighbors, children, postal and newspaper carriers, garbage collectors and anyone else you can think of...ask them to keep a look out for your pet.
  • Check social media sites, such as Facebook.
  • DO NOT let weeks go by before looking for your pet. It is not Animal Services's responsibility -- it is your responsibility to look for your pet.
  • Finding your pet in a timely manner requires a lot of effort on your part, but all of your effort will be rewarded when your pet is returned to you quickly and unharmed!
  • DO NOT wait...make sure you get an ID tag or microchip for your pet! This will save you the uncertainty and anguish if your pet should become lost.

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