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October 14, 2001

Teen Read Week
Encourages Teens To Make
Reading A “Hobbit”

What is a hobbit? Can a hobbit be a habit? What do hobbits have to do with teens and reading? The answers to these questions will be revealed during Teen Read Week, which will be celebrated at the Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center (CCPL&IC) October 14–20, along with hundreds of other libraries to encourage teens to “read for the fun of it.”

Do hobbits read? Of course they do. Do teens read? Of course they do. Do either hobbits or teens have a reading habit? If not, these Teen Read events will help teens develop a habit of reading for the fun of it @ your libraryTM. Reading for the fun of it is the very best way to acquire a reading habit, and this is a very valuable acquisition for teens. Why? Because the news about reading proficiency and reading in our society is not good. The Nation’s Report Card ( reports that reading scores have made no significant statistical gains since the 1970s. And that is not all. A smaller percentage of 13– and 17–year–olds read for fun daily in 1999 than in 1971. A reading habit will increase reading proficiency. The report card also finds that in homes across America, the number of different types of reading materials have decreased and a smaller percentage of 17–year–olds saw adults reading in their homes in the same period. Clearly, adults must also acquire a reading habit if they are to serve as models for children and young adults.

Programs and events include:

Mon., Oct. 15
1:00 pm (Headquarters 483–7727 ext. 306)
An Afternoon with Aslan
Teens 12 years and older are invited to step through the wardrobe into the magical kingdom of Narnia! Grab a friend and join us for a discussion about your love of C.S. Lewis' classic series.

Mon., Oct. 15
3:00 pm (Headquarters 483–7727 ext. 306)
A Dream Come True
What do you want to be 20 years from now? Teens are invited to join Young Adult Coordinator Heather Clark to learn about books, resources, and Internet sites to help figure out what your dream job is and how to make it happen!

Mon., Oct. 15
6:00 pm (Headquarters 483–7727 ext. 306)
The Hobbit Awards Ceremony
Come one, come all to hear the winning stories of the 3rd Annual Creative Writing Contest! Immediately following the awards, stick around for a rare opportunity to see the animated version of J. R. R. Tolkien's classic The Hobbit.

Tues., October 16
7:00 pm (North Regional Branch 822–1998)
Stine Fest
Teens are invited to bring their favorite R. L. Stine book for a "thrilling" discussion of the author and his writings. A chilling night for all!

Heather Clark, CCPL&IC Young Adult Coordinator, says there are lots of ways teens can make reading for the fun of it a habit:

  • Read in small bytes—15 minutes here and there can help you read regularly and often.
  • Join a book discussion group at the school or public library, or logon to
  • Keep a log of the books you read and when you read them. Look for patterns to help establish a reading habit.
  • Keep a book in your backpack at all times. Use it to read while waiting for the bus, an appointment, or for friends to pick you up.
  • Add a (or another) fantasy book to your collection.
  • Read what you want to read for the fun of it. And fantasize your world while doing so!

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