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Budget Division

The Budget Division works to ensure that taxpayer dollars are utilized in the most equitable manner while providing essential and productive governmental services to the community.

The Budget Division is responsible for compiling and analyzing budgetary requests for the County. The primary goal is to work alongside management staff, and in accordance with the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act (LGBFCA), in order to present a balanced annual budget to the Board of Commissioners prior to each fiscal year.

In addition to creating the annual budget, this division also focuses on special projects such as forecasting Sales Tax and Ad Valorem Tax, monitoring employee health insurance, advising departments regarding allotments and revisions, as well as other items that may impact the county budget.



Previous Adopted Budget Reports

FY2022 - Adopted BudgetPDF6.29 MB Download
FY2021 - Adopted BudgetPDF5.97 MB Download
FY2020 - Adopted BudgetPDF4.05 MB Download
FY2019 - Adopted BudgetPDF6.04 MB Download
FY2018 - Adopted BudgetPDF5.09 MB Download
FY2017 - Adopted BudgetPDF11.65 MB Download
FY2016 - Adopted BudgetPDF4.21 MB Download
FY2015 - Adopted BudgetPDF6.77 MB Download
FY2014 - Adopted BudgetPDF7.13 MB Download
FY2013 - Adopted BudgetPDF12.48 MB Download
FY2012 - Adopted BudgetPDF10.75 MB Download
FY2011 - Adopted BudgetPDF3.09 MB Download
FY2010 - Adopted BudgetPDF1.45 MB Download
FY2009 - Adopted BudgetPDF1.16 MB Download
FY2008 - Adopted BudgetPDF1.47 MB Download
FY2007 - Adopted BudgetPDF1.16 MB Download
FY2006 - Adopted BudgetPDF624.77 KB Download
FY2005 - Adopted BudgetPDF1.26 MB Download
FY2004 - Adopted BudgetPDF3.05 MB Download
FY2003 - Adopted BudgetPDF1.10 MB Download
FY2002 - Adopted BudgetPDF1.09 MB Download
FY2001 - Adopted BudgetPDF260.38 KB Download
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