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Business Property & Listing Information

All businesses and/or persons owning or possessing personal property used or connected with a business or other income producing purpose, must list with the Tax Administrator annually.

Business personal property includes, but is not limited to, machinery, computer/office equipment, furniture, supplies, signs, fixtures, spare parts, leasehold improvements, etc. The listing must be submitted during the month of January to avoid a 10% late list penalty. However, statutorily an extension can be granted until April 15, if the request is made online or in writing and is postmarked or submitted by January 31. If you have any questions concerning business personal property, please contact us.

Generally, farm/agri-business personal property should be listed at 100% of the original cost to the original owner. The property is then valued using the North Carolina Department of Revenue Cost Index and Depreciation Schedules as a guide to calculate the replacement cost new and depreciation amounts. Other appraisal methods are used when appropriate.

Listing Forms and Instructions

Please complete the pre-printed listing form that was mailed the last week of December to all businesses that listed property for 2015. If you did not receive a pre-printed form, you may use the online fillable Business Personal Property Listing Form. Please be sure you print and sign** the form before submitting. You may view or download a copy of the Business Personal Property Listing instructions for futher details. Once completed, you may submit the form to:

ATTN: Assessment/Audit Division
Cumberland County Tax Administration
PO Box 449
Fayetteville, NC 28302-0449

**NOTE: Session Law 2011-238 s. 5 (HB 896) added a new provision to G.S. 105-311(a)(2) which allows an agent of a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or unincorporated association to file and sign the abstract for the taxpayer as long as the agent is authorized by a principal officer of the taxpayer in a manner prescribed by the North Carolina Department of Revenue.

An agent can be anybody who has been properly authorized.

To be properly authorized, an agent must have NCDOR Form AV-59 Taxpayer Agent Authorization on file for each taxpayer. The agent must verify in the abstract affirmation that they have the form on file. The form is not required to be submitted to the tax assessor. The authorization is a one-time authorization that does not need to be filed each year with the agent. The authorization remains valid until the taxpayer revokes the authorization or the taxpayer authorizes another agent to file its electronic listings.

Note that the authorization is limited in scope and does not authorize the agent to represent the taxpayer in every aspect of the taxpayer's property tax concerns.

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