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  • Welcome to the Cumberland County Website

Wilkes Road Treatment & Processing Facility

Hours of Operation

Monday through Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


771 Wilkes Road, Fayetteville, NC
Phone: (910) 486-0839


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Mulch for Sale

Monday through Saturday
8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

  • Screened/Fine - $20 per pickup load (larger vehicles $10 per cubic yard)
  • Red Mulch - $60 per pick-up truckload (larger vehicles $25 per cubic yard)

Acceptable Items

All Yard Waste – Small tree limbs, straw, leaves, hedge clippings, & grass – homeowners limit of one pick-up truck loads (4 cubic yards) per week for free.

NOTE: Homeowners with large limbs (over 3 inches in diameter or 3 feet in length) or small tree stumps or over 4 cubic yards per week - $1.85 per 100 lbs or Commercial Land Clearing Dumping Rates (below) - whichever is less.

All Clean Wood – Non-painted/treated wood, 2x4s, pallets, small tree stumps -- Charge of $1.50 per 100 pounds or $30 per ton.

NOTE: (Large tree stumps, painted or treated wood, paneling, & plywood/particle board must go to the Ann Street Landfill.)

Commercial Land Clearing Debris Dumping Rates:

Vehicle Type Cost
Full size or smaller pick-up trucks, commercial vans, SUVs $10.00
Dump truck or pick-up truck w/dual rear tires:
single axle $25.00
double axle $35.00
tri axle $45.00
Truck with dump trailer (quad axle) $55.00
18 - Wheeler $80.00
Roll-off trucks w/container box:
20 yd or smaller $40.00
21-30 yd $45.00
31-40 yd $55.00
Compactor $65.00
Towed trailers (only):
single axle $10.00
double axle $25.00

To report ILLEGAL DUMPING, call the Solid Waste Hotline at 910-485-DUMP (3867).

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