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  • Welcome to the Cumberland County Website

Solid Waste Management

Thank You!

We would like to applaud all Cumberland County residents and businesses that recycle. Recycling helps extend the life of our landfill and also recovers valuable resources such as plastics, aluminum, metal, glass, cardboard, paper, and yard debris from the waste stream.

We want to thank all of those who make our services possible, and those who use our services. Through your cooperation and participation we are making a positive impact on the environment in Cumberland County for generations to come.

Our website is updated regularly to keep information about facilities, services, materials, and listings as accurate as possible. However, if you notice something missing or incorrect please notify us.

We welcome additions, revisions, articles, proposals, and ideas from Cumberland County citizens and businesses. Please send your contributions to: Cumberland County Solid Waste Management, ATTN: Administration, 698 Ann Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301 or email: khall@co.cumberland.nc.us

About Us

Cumberland County Solid Waste Management (CCSWM) is an enterprise fund. We receive no tax dollars for the operation of this department. All county home owners pay a $48 Solid Waste (SW) User Fee, billed annual on your tax bill. This fee enables you to use the county’s Ann Street Landfill, Wilkes Road Yard Waste Treatment & Processing Facility, any of the 17 container sites, and the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center for disposal of household kitchen and bathroom garbage, yard waste, and hazardous material, such as oil paint, pesticides, used motor oil, etc. There is a limit of 4 cubic yards of waste per week that is free.

Formed in 1980, Cumberland County Solid Waste Management oversees:

  • A Subtitle-D landfill, Construction & Demolition Landfill and landfill technology research projects
  • A yard waste treatment and processing facility, which processes over 50,000 tons of organic material annually
  • 17 drop-off container sites
  • A recycling and waste reduction program that processes more than 3,000 tons of recyclable material

These programs are solely supported by the $48 SW User Fee and the tipping fees charged for materials brought to our facilities that are not covered under the SW User Fee or are brought in by commercial/industrial businesses.

To find out more about what we do, visit Our Mission page.

There is so much more to Solid Waste Management than just accepting and disposing of waste! On our site, you'll find information about:

You can also read about how a landfill operates.

Did you know that -

  • You can call 910-485-3867 (DUMP) to report illegal dumping
  • Cumberland County Solid Waste Management does not provide pick-up of waste. If you need information or have questions about waste pick-up or service, please check out the Solid Waste Phone Numbers & Resources page
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