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Water & Sewage Section

Food and Lodging: 910-433-3618 (3622)
Onsite Wells and Wastewater: 910-433-3668 (3667)  

Duties include but are not limited to:

  1. Site/soil evaluations for the purpose of installing new on-site septic tank systems and for the repair of existing septic tank systems (includes layout of system).
  2. Site evaluations for the issuance of new drinking water well permits. Watch well grouts and collect water samples from new wells.
  3. Maintains registration list of all septic tank contractors doing work in Cumberland County.
  4. Does inspections of new septic tank systems. Inspections of existing systems for repairs.
  5. Draws septic tank system layout on plot plans as requested.
  6. Consults with engineers, soil scientists, builders, etc. concerning layout and design of septic tank systems.
  7. Does routine inspections of certain types of septic tank systems.
  8. Does inspections of some private water wells (as requested).
  9. Collects water samples from private water wells as requested.
  10. Issues occupancy permits for those manufactured homes that are placed on individual lots before electrical services are energized.
  11. Investigates all complaints associated with this section.
The Private Well Class - Free Online Training for Homeowners with Water Wells

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