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Home Fire Prevention:
"It Really Works!"

Test Your Smoke Detectors Each Month!

Install a smoke detector on every level of your home and one outside each sleeping area. Working smoke detectors will provide you with an early warning in case of fire. The few minutes of early warning may be the difference between life and death. Remember to check each detector at least once a month and replace batteries every year.

Plan And Practice A Fire Exit Drill!

Know two ways out of each room, especially bedrooms, since most fire deaths occur at night while you are sleeping. Make an escape plan and be sure each member of your family is familiar with it. After your plan is complete, practice. Have a designated meeting area so you know if everyone is out. Once you are out DO NOT GO BACK IN!

Fire Safety In The Kitchen

The majority of burns and home fires start in the kitchen. Be sure pan handles on the stove are turned in so they will not be bumped or reached by small children. Do not wear loose clothing when cooking. If a fire starts in a pan, simply smother it with a lid. Do not pour water on a grease fire. Have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen that is rated for all types of fires. Never leave your cooking unattended; fires start and spread quickly. Keep your cooking areas clean and grease-free.

Heating Equipment

Regular maintenance of your heating equipment will insure you of comfort and safety during the heating season. Have your furnace cleaned and serviced each year by a qualified technician. Keep space heaters at a safe distance from combustible materials such as papers, curtains, bedding, clothing, etc. Follow your manufacturer's instructions. Use only proper fuel in each heating appliance. Improper use of heating equipment is dangerous.

Electrical Fire Safety!

Electricity is another dangerous fire hazard. Check these areas for hazards that could start a fire in your home. Check all electrical cords for fraying or loose connections. Replace any damaged cords immediately before using them. Do not overload outlets or extension cords. Electrical wires can get very hot and start a fire. If your circuit breaker trips or your fuse blows, find out why it happened so you can repair the problem. Always replace a blown fuse with one of the same size. Protect young children from electrical shock by placing plastic outlet covers in the receptacles that are not in use.

Fire Extinguishers Stop Small Fires Before They Get Big!

Fire extinguishers can help prevent a small fire from becoming a big fire. Keep an approved fire extinguisher on hand and easily accessible in case of a small fire. A fire extinguisher kept in the kitchen, garage or basement and near a fireplace or wood stove, will allow you to put out a fire soon after it starts. If a fire starts in your home, you can try to put it out with your extinguisher, however you or someone else should still call the fire department to be safe. All fire extinguishers should be checked each year and recharged if necessary.

Rules For Fire Safety

  • NEVER play with fire or matches.
  • NEVER play near fire.
  • NEVER turn in false alarms.
  • NEVER store gasoline inside the house.
  • TEST your smoke detectors each month.
  • PLAN a home fire exit drill.
  • CHECK electrical cords for frayed wires.
  • ALWAYS close your bedroom doors at night.
  • REMEMBER NEVER go back into your home if it is on fire!


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