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Federal Stimulus Funding

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

North Carolina ARRA Programs: For information on other state of North Carolina ARRA programs, visit www.ncrecovery.gov.

Federal Stimulus Funding by Department (as of Tuesday, October 17, 2017)
Department Award Amount Project Description Status
Sheriff's Office $1,043,411 The disparate jurisdictions consisting of Cumberland County and the City of Fayetteville will utilize the Fiscal Year Recovery Act JAG award in the amount of $1,043,441 to support personnel and to purchase equipment. The County of Cumberland, serving as the fiscal agent, will use its share, $334,465, to subscribe to the North Carolina Bureau of Investigations criminal databases and technology updates. The City of Fayetteville will its share, $708,976, to hire two forensic technicians and two crime prevention specialists, purchase equipment, and train personnel. Cumberland County has not expended any funds. Fayetteville is in the process of interviewing for the four positions. They have spent $690 for training.

NOTE: $334,465 of total to Sheriff's Office
Engineering $590,700 Energy efficiency and conservation activities. $50,000 has been budgeted for building audits. The remainder will be budgeted after the energy plan has been approved.  
Community Development $286,690 Community Development Block Grant Recovery Act funding for construction activities at Freedom Center Business Park. Contract award to subrecipient pending completion of project review.
Workforce Development $1,680,926 Adults: $279,731;
Dislocated Workers: $565,840;
Youth Programs: $693,055;
Senior Services: $142,306

A large portion of the stimulus funds will be used for transportation, clothing, job search and training to include work experience training.
Approximately $123,000 has been set aside for salaries for 30 people to work a maximum of 480 hours
Social Services: These are the stimulus funds which have come to us specifically identified as such.
a. Food and Nutrition $207,485 FY 08-09: $103,057;
FY 09-10: $104,428
To fund 2-4 Income Maintenance Caseworker positions
b. Child Care Subsidy $2,126,296 To pay child care providers  
c. Foster Care & Adoptions Unspecified amount to be received. Increased Federal reimbursement  
Board of Education $15,948,000 Qualified School Construction Bonds (QSCBs). State allocation of federal stimulus funds for school construction projects. The federal government provides tax credits, in lieu of interest, to lenders who then issue the bonds to school districts. School districts only have to pay the principal. Projects identified, but currently no market for the bonds. Commissioners approved 17-year financing contract to finance classroom additions, cafeteria expansions and other renovations at approximately 15 schools.
Crown Center $1,138,000 Recovery Zone Economic Development Bonds to be used for improvements to the Crown area and Theater.  
County of Cumberland $1,000,000 Recovery Zone Facility Bonds to be allocated to the Gentry Group LLC for development at Freedom Business Center. An additional $17 million allocation in Recovery Zone Bonds will be requested.
County of Cumberland $700,000 Recovery Zone Facility Bonds to be allocated to Kingdom Realty Holdings for development of hybrid hotel and restaurant in Spring Lake.  
County of Cumberland $30,000,000 Application will be made to NC Dept. of Commerce for reallocation of Recovery Zone Facility Bonds for hotel/motel project at Crown Center.  
Cumberland County Coordinating Council on Older Adults $73,714 For Congregate and Home-Delivered Nutrition Services provided by the Coordinating Council on Older Adults. The money will fund services for 126 people this year at the county's nutrition sites for older adults or through the home-delivery program. Mid-Carolina Area Agency is the lead agency for planning & coordination of the county's funding for older adult services.
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