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Fire Prevention Code Enforcement

All professionals under the direction of the Fire Marshal are titled as Fire Inspectors. The Fire Prevention Code Program is led by the Fire Marshal. Reporting to the Fire Marshal are inspectors covering separate sections of the County that are within our service area. Our current service area includes:

  • All rural areas of Cumberland County
  • Town limits of Linden, Wade, Godwin, Falcon and Stedman.

We do not provide Fire Prevention Code Enforcement within the City limits of Fayetteville, Hope Mills, or Spring Lake areas. They are providing these services for themselves.

What is the state fire prevention code?

The Fire Prevention Code is a set of minimum mandatory fire safety standards that apply to all occupancies in North Carolina with the exception of one and two family dwellings. The Fire Prevention Code is uniformly enforced in all areas of the State.

The Fire Code primarily regulates:

  1. General Precautions Against Fire
  2. Fire Protection Requirements
  3. Electrical Safety
  4. Exit and Egress Maintenance
  5. Flammable and Liquid Safety
  6. Other Specialized Operation Safety Requirements

These regulations apply to new and existing buildings.

How often will Cumberland County provide a fire inspection?

The Cumberland County Fire Marshal's Office will respond to any complaint made to our office. Otherwise, inspections of occupancies will be provided on the following schedule:

Once Every Year. Hazardous, Institutional, High Rise, Assembly, Common areas of residential (1 and 2 family dwellings and townhouses exempt).

Once Every Two (2) Years. Educational (except public, private and church schools) and industrial.

Once Every Three (3) Years. Business, Mercantile, Storage, and Churches/Synagogues.

Frequency rates for inspection of occupancies as mandated by the NC General Statutes shall supersede this schedule.

Who will provide these fire safety inspections?

All persons who enforce the State Fire Prevention Code are certified to do so by the North Carolina Code Official's Qualification Board. Each inspector that you will work with has undergone extensive education and experience to provide you quality service. Not only are our inspectors certified to perform code enforcement, each is certified as a North Carolina firefighter. This enables our staff to bring to you a clear understanding of fire behavior. 

How will the fire inspection program work?

An inspector will call upon businesses within our service area. Upon arrival, the inspector will ask for the owner, manager, or safety officer. After greeting, the two will survey the exterior of the facility, then the interior. A systematic inspection will occur whereby code violations will be determined by the inspector. Each item will be thoroughly explained to the owner, manager or safety officer. Priority items will be identified. A reinspection date will then be set for the inspector to return. This reinspection date is to be scheduled within 30 days and mutually agreed upon by both parties. The owner/operator will sign the form and a copy will be left as a record of the inspection.

On or about the mutually agreed upon reinspection date, an inspector will return to see that all necessary corrections have been made. If corrections have not been properly abated, a second reinspection date will be set, if warranted.

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