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  • Welcome to the Cumberland County Website

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Hurricanes, fires, severe lightning and thunderstorms , floods, tornadoes, acts of terrorism or other man-made and natural calamities are a fact of life. Emergencies happen every year and take their toll on individuals, families and businesses. Millions of dollars and untold numbers of lives are lost to disasters of every scale, but you can limit the amount of injuries and damages sustained by you and your organization (be it family unit or business) and return to normal quicker if you take the time to plan!

Planning for emergencies is not an unfamiliar process to most people. The majority of individuals already have in place fire evacuation plans for home and business. Smoke detectors are in a large number of homes throughout the United States. Children at an early age in school are given instructions on what to do in the event of a fire or earthquake. Drills are all part of the learning/training process. But as we get older it seems that many of these same safeguards and exercises are discounted as a waste of time or unnecessary. During an emergency is not the time to wonder what you should have done to make your environment safer and a little more inhabitable.

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