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Soil Survey

This soil survey contains information that can be used in land-planning programs in Cumberland and Hoke Counties. It contains predictions of soil behavior for selected land uses. The survey also highlights limitations and hazards inherent in the soil, improvements needed to overcome the limitations, and the impact of selected land uses on the environment.

This soil survey is designed for many different users. Farmers, foresters, and agronomists can use it to evaluate the potential of the soil and the management needed for maximum food and fiber production. Planners, community officials, engineers, developers, builders, and home buyers can use the survey to plan land use, select sites for construction, and identify special practices needed to insure proper performance. Conservationists, teachers, students, and specialists in recreation, wildlife management, waste disposal and pollution control can use the survey to help them understand, protect and enhance the environment.

The Cumberland Soil and Water Conservation District provides copies of the Soil Survey of Cumberland and Hoke Counties upon request. Call, email or visit our office to request a copy.

For an authoritative and up-to-date source of soil survey information, please visit the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) website for Web Soil Survey.

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