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COVID-19 Update: Rumor Control

Apr 01, 2020

We are sending this update in order to counter misinformation in the public and alleviate the large number of calls to the Cumberland County Department of Public Health from concerned citizens.

There have been no reported positive COVID-19 cases associated with the Pizza Hut on N. Bragg Blvd in Spring Lake, according to the Cumberland County Department of Public Health.

“We understand the concern of the public and encourage citizens to be cautious of rumored cases associated with businesses and other entities in the community,” said Public Health Director Dr. Jennifer Green.   

When positive cases are identified in the community, Cumberland County Public Health Department staff conduct a contact investigation. The staff will notify any identified close contacts (within 6 feet for at least 10 minutes) and inform them about their possible risk of exposure. The health department provides instructions about quarantine, as needed. 

If the investigation determines the patient  came into close contact with people that cannot be identified, perhaps at an event or through a work venue, then a public notice would be made with details about the location and the dates and times of possible exposure.

We encourage the public to seek information from credible sources including the Cumberland County Health Department’s COVID-19 webpage at and the NC DHHS website at

We urge citizens to follow the Governor’s Executive Order to stay home. People who are sick are asked to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance on recovering at home.