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Public Survey Vital for Cumberland-Hoke Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan

Feb 07, 2020

Cumberland and Hoke counties are in the process of updating the existing Cumberland-Hoke Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan. Hazard mitigation plans are used to understand risks from natural hazards such as severe weather and develop long-term strategies that will reduce the impacts of future events on people, property, and the environment.


The counties are working in collaboration with AECOM, a planning and consulting company to update the plan, utilizing funds appropriated by the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management. With adoption of the updated plan, Cumberland and Hoke Counties will maintain eligibility to apply for federal funding towards natural hazard mitigation projects such as home elevation, and buyouts. This planning process includes a wide range of representatives from city and county government, emergency management, members of the public, and organizations within the community.   


Community involvement and feedback are vital to the success of the plan. Cumberland County invites members of the public to participate in a short public opinion survey. This survey is designed to help understand the concerns citizens of Cumberland County have about the hazards which their communities face.


Survey responses are confidential and participation in this survey is voluntary. Your completed survey indicates your willingness to participate. Thank you for taking the time to help your community with the preparation of our mitigation plan.


If you have questions regarding this survey, please contact Emergency Management Planner I, Garry Crumpler at or Cumberland County Emergency Management Coordinator, Hendrix Valenzuela at


A public meeting regarding the survey is forthcoming. The Cumberland-Hoke Regional Mitigation Plan Update survey can be accessed by following