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County Commissioners Identify Goals for 2018

Jan 27, 2018

The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners agreed on six major goals for the year during a planning session today at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

The board will focus on capital projects; public water expansion; economic development; financial strength; performance and efficiencies, which includes reviewing the structure of County human services; and completing negotiations on several projects, including sales tax, baseball and school funding agreements among others.

The commissioners also identified five capital projects for staff to include in a capital planning model that will be part of the budget process. The projects are countywide water; a 911/Emergency Operations Center; Crown Theatre/Performing Arts Center; Civil War and Reconstruction History Center; and a new County administration building as well as Courthouse renovations.

Six commissioners participated in the session, which was facilitated by Mike Ruffin, a former Durham County manager. Commissioner Glenn Adams was out of town.

During the discussion on reviewing the governance structure of the Public Health and Social Services Departments, Assistant County Manager Duane Holder presented three options the board could consider.

Option 1 would keep the two departments separate with the Board of Commissioners assuming the powers and responsibilities of the Board of Health and/or the Social Services Board.  The commissioners could assume the governance of one department and leave the other as is.

The other two options would be to consolidate the two departments with either the commissioners appointing a separate consolidated human services board or having the County commissioners serve as the board of the consolidated agency.

The board directed staff to set up a presentation with the University of North Carolina School of Government to discuss the options and steps for moving forward with changing the Health Department governance. 

“This was a successful day for our board. We accomplished our objective of reaching consensus on a lot of issues we have been discussing for a while,” said Chairman Larry Lancaster.