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Health Department Receives $9,000 In Grants

Dec 19, 2017

The Cumberland County Department of Public Health’s Environmental Health Division received three grants from the Association of Food and Drug Officials. The grants will help fund projects to enhance the department’s ability to meet the Food and Drug Administration’s Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards through staff development and training.

Environmental Health was awarded $3,000 to pay for County Environmental Health staff to attend the FDA Southeast Region Annual Food Safety Seminar in South Carolina. Attendance at this annual conference will provide staff the opportunity to learn about changes to regulations, policies, recommendations that impact retail food safety, and industry initiatives to enhance retail food safety.                                             

An additional $3,000 grant was received to help advance conformance with the Retail Program Standards by supporting training at Food Protection Task Force activities for the North Carolina Food Safety and Defense Task Force. This includes attendance at the annual conference.

The third $3,000 grant will be used to complete verification audits on Environmental Health’s Retail Food Safety Program. The audits will show that Environmental Health meets the intent of two of the nine FDA Retail Program Standards. After meeting these recommended standards, Cumberland County Environmental Health will have met four of the nine recommended standards.

“After three years of participation in the FDA Retail Program Standards, we are excited to conform to four recommended standards and attend various trainings,” said Cumberland County Environmental Health Director Daniel Ortiz. “Participation in this voluntary program has provided Environmental Health the opportunity to improve our retail food program and our staff the chance to improve their knowledge of food safety by attending educational conferences. This is a great opportunity for our environmental health section and we are proud of our retail food safety program.”