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Inspection Application & Forms

  • Credit Card Information Form

    Use this form if you wish to place your credit card on file with our office.  You may then indicate on your applications that you want to pay by credit card and the fee will be charged to your card on file.

  • Building/Zoning Application

    For new Commercial construction, or commercial and residential renovations or additions.

  • Single Family Dwelling Application (Reviesed: April 2009)

    Single application for the construction, electrical, mechanical and plumbing of a new, single-family residence

  • Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical (PME) Application (Revised: March 2012)

    For plumbing, mechanical or electrical work (For a new, single-family dwelling or the new setup of a manufactured home, see those applications)

  • Manufactured Home Application (Revised: October 2007)

    Single application for the setup, electrical, plumbing and mechanical of a manufactured home

  • Miscellaneous Application (Revised: June 2009)

    Used for fences, house moving, demolition, home occupations, group homes, change of use, or inspections required due to state licensing--day cares, ABC licensure, etc.

  • Miscellaneous Swimming Pool Application (Revised: May 2012)

    Used for residential swimming pools, spa or hot tub.

  • Environmental Health Application (Revised: August 2009)

    To be used in conjunction with the building, single-family dwelling, manufactured home or miscellaneous applications if the property is served by septic system and the work to be performed requires Environmental Health approval.

  • Contractor Attachment (Revised: March 2007)

    Used to change or add additional subcontractors to your single-family dwelling or manufactured home permit.

  • Fire (Revised: June 2019)

    For Fire permits required due to type construction or operation.

  • Little Rockfish Sanitary Sewer

    For any property in the Little Rockfish Sanitary Sewer Assessment area.

  • Temporary Power (Revised: September 2006)

    To request temporary power on a commercial structure under construction.

  • Fee Schedule (Revised: March 2004)
  • Calculate Fees on a Single Family Dwelling Permit

    Used to calculate the fee for any new single-family dwelling.(Save this to your PC and then click to run.)

  • Calculate Fees for a Building Permit

    Use to calculate the fee for any building application or commercial electrical, mechanical or plumbing applications.
    (Save this to your PC and then click to run.)

  • Permit Refund Request

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