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Employee Assistance Program

Cumberland County has contracted with BHS Online to provide a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program as a service to our employees and their family members.

  • Why is there a need for an employee assistance program?
  • What can employees do to take advantage of this program?
  • Cost
  • Confidentiality
  • County Policy

Why is there a need for an employee assistance program?

Just as all of us occasionally suffer from some physical illness or disability, all of us at some time in our lives are sure to have minor concerns or emotional problems. Such problems can include depression, drug and alcohol abuse, mental or physical abuse, legal and financial issues.

Most of the time, these problems are solved without seriously affecting a person's health and family life. Unfortunately, some problems are not so easy to solve. They can often progress to a serious stage before the person is actually aware of it. We know that when such problems are left untreated, they may do a great deal of damage to a person's health, family life, and work performance.

For this reason, we have implemented the Employee Assistance Program as a service to county employees and their family members. The EAP provides support for people when they are going through a difficult time. It may be a problem that has been building over time, or it may be a sudden personal crisis. Employees can contact the EAP program about any issue, including:

  • Marital, family, or relationship problems
  • Stress, depression, or grief
  • Addiction concerns (alcohol, drugs, gambling, Internet, etc.)
  • Workplace stress or conflict
  • Parenting, childcare, or elder care
  • Financial or legal concerns
  • Any concern that affects your emotional well-being

It used to be that personal and emotional problems were regarded as misconduct or as moral issues. Because of this kind of thinking, many good people unnecessarily lost their jobs — and often lost the chance to recover from their problems.

We believe it's in our best interest to look after our employees and their family members and that is why we encourage our employees and family members to use the Employee Assistance Program.

What can employees do to take advantage of this program?

Call 1-800-326-3864 or visit MyBHSPortal and login utilizing the user name: Cumberland County.


There is no cost to our employees and their families for an evaluation conducted by an EAP representative. After the evaluation has been conducted, a program may be recommended for the employee and/or family member. Expenses for this treatment will be provided according to the terms of the employee's health insurance program.


Confidentiality is a vital part of this program. No person shall be penalized as a direct result of seeking or accepting assistance from the Employee Assistance Program.

County Policy

We recognize that any of our employees can develop non-job problems, which may seriously impair their work performance, health and well-being. Such problems include family or marital difficulties and may involve alcohol or drug abuse.

We have no desire to intrude upon an individual's private life; we are concerned, however, when job performance or attendance is affected.

This policy is intended to assure that employees who experience problems which affect their work performance or attendance, health and well-being will be offered assistance through the Employee Assistance Program to help resolve the difficulty.

It will be the employee's decision, however, whether or not to seek the help offered to him or her through the Employee Assistance Program.

This policy further assures the employee that participation in the Employee Assistance Program will remain confidential; job security and promotional opportunities will not be jeopardized by a request for help.

We extend the same offer of assistance to any member of the employee's immediate family.

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Director: Julean Self
For assistance
call 1-800-326-3864 or visit,
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