Southpoint_SD_smallThis project is to bring potable, public water to the Southpoint community from the Bladen County Regional Water System. Cumberland County will be a bulk water purchaser from Bladen County. Cumberland County will own the lines, read the water meters and bill the customers.

The Southpoint waterline is ready for connections. The connection from the house to the meter box will be the property owner’s responsibility. Homeowners must obtain a permit from the Cumberland County Planning and Inspection Department and they may do the work themselves only if they reside at the property or they must use a licensed plumber. Commercial properties, including churches and all rental properties, must use a licensed plumber to install the service line.

Water meters will be installed on Fridays and only after the $100 deposit has been paid to the Cumberland County Public Utilities Division and the Inspections Department has completed their final inspection of the line.

Beginning in August 2013, the monthly availability fee of $12 will be charged to all owners whose property has access to the County’s water line, whether they are connected and using water or not. Once the customers connect and begin using water, then the customers will be charged for usage according to the rate schedule.

Bill Payment

Bills are due the 10th of each month. Any payments received after the 10th will be subject to a $10 late fee. Accounts delinquent after the 24th of each month may have service disconnected. Service will be restored after the bill is paid in full and a $25 reconnection fee is paid.

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Pay Bills Online

Customers may pay their bills online by credit/debit card. A processing fee does apply. Customers must use their Customer Code located on their bill in order to pay online.

  1. Enter Customer Code; click search button.
  2. Verify that the information is correct; if so, then click the shopping cart button under the Add to Cart.
  3. Click View Shopping Cart at the top of the page.
  4. Enter payment amount in the box, then click Pay by Card.
  5. This will bring up the Payments Cart screen for you to verify. Check the box stating that you have read and agree to the terms and click continue.
  6. Enter in your Payment Source Information.

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Water Rate Schedule (6/20/2016) [pdf

2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (6/12/2017) [pdf]]

2015 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (5/23/2016) [pdf

2014 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (6/17/2015) [pdf]

2013 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (7/1/2014) [pdf]

Water System: Requirements for Connection (7/12/2013) [pdf]

Typical Meter Box Installation (7/12/2013) [pdf]


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