Overhills Park

Overhills Park Sewer Extension Project Update
January 3, 2019

Construction of the project was completed prior to Hurricane Florence with the exception of a list of minor items. All the main sewer lines, sewer taps, and manholes have been installed, but both pump stations sustained  damage from the hurricane and need repairs and/or replacement of critical parts. The contractor has stated that they will begin removing the fallen tree, repair the broken fence and start the repair work on the pump stations in the next two weeks. The Brinkley pump station received the heaviest damage and will need the pumps to be replaced since they were submerged under water for so long. The lead time for the new pumps is approximately twenty (20) weeks. The contractor is working with the supplier trying to get the lift stations operational as quickly as possible.

Due to these unexpected circumstances, it is anticipated that the sewer system will be up and running by July 2019 if not before.  The Public Utilities Division will be providing information about what steps property owners need to take to connect to the sanitary sewer system at a later date.


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