Bragg Estates

On December 15, 2014, the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution accepting the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) funding conditions for the Bragg Estates Sewer Project, which is estimated to cost about $2 million. A USDA Rural Utilities Services grant will cover $1.453 million. The County will also receive a $497,000 Rural Utilities Services 40-year loan and contribute $50,000 of County funds to the project.

Cumberland County is currently moving forward with the design and permitting of the sewer project. This process takes about six months to complete. The cost to the homeowners to connect to the system will be $100 for a deposit (similar to what citizens pay to other utilities) and the cost for a plumber or the property owners themselves to connect their home to the sewer tap at the road. The homeowners will be charged a flat sewer rate for usage if connected; and if not connected, they will be charged an availability fee to repay the loan for the cost of the installation of the sewer mains. These amounts have yet to be finalized.

Before construction begins, the county will have a public meeting informing the homeowners of the construction timeline and to answer any questions.


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