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Employee Wellness Center Clinic

Employee Wellness Services manages services for employees covered by county health insurance. Employees are entitled to use the Employee Pharmacy, Wellness Center Clinic and Wellness Program. The Wellness Program is an educational program designed to help employees achieve improved health and wellness and thus, reduce the county's insurance costs.

The county's Wellness Coordinator is based at the Wellness Center and is dedicated to educating employees on healthy lifestyles and motivating changes in long-term behaviors.

All employees regardless of insurance coverage may use the Wellness Clinic. Retirees who are on the county's insurance plan may be seen as well. Dependents age 2 and older who are covered on the county health plan may also be seen. This service is intended to complement the care you receive from your primary care provider. Come by and meet your team and learn how they can help you get better and stay healthy.

Services provided include:

Act as primary care provider, including chronic care management and preventative care.

The clinic will evaluate, diagnose and treat common minor illnesses, such as cough, sore throat, sinus symptoms, urinary tract infection, ear infection, allergies, cold symptoms, bug bite/sting, pink eye, minor lacerations and soft tissue injuries and non-work related sprains/strains.

They will treat skin conditions such as athlete’s foot, acne, poison ivy, oral/mouth sores, rashes and sunburn. They will provide lifestyle management education, blood pressure checks, diabetes education, weight management education, ergonomics, and healthy eating resources. 

Please call 910-433-3847 to make an appointment. Walk-ins are not available.

Employees should complete the Visit Authorization/Return to Work Notice when using county time to visit the clinic.

Wellness Services Frequently Asked Questions