Agendas, Minutes and Videos

10/5/2020Regular Meeting   
9/21/2020Regular Meeting 
9/10/2020Agenda Session   
9/8/2020Regular Meeting
8/17/2020Regular Meeting
8/13/2020Agenda Session  
8/3/2020Regular Meeting
6/15/2020Regular Meeting
6/15/2020Special Meeting  
6/11/2020Agenda Session 
6/8/2020Special Meeting 
6/3/2020Special Meeting 
6/1/2020Regular Meeting
5/28/2020Special Meeting 
5/18/2020Regular Meeting
5/14/2020Agenda Session 
5/4/2020Regular Meeting
4/20/2020Regular Meeting
4/9/2020Agenda Session 
4/6/2020Regular Meeting
3/30/2020Special Meeting 
3/16/2020Regular Meeting   
3/12/2020Agenda Session  
2/17/2020Regular Meeting
2/13/2020Special Meeting 
2/3/2020Regular Meeting
1/21/2020Regular Meeting
1/6/2020Regular Meeting 

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Fax: 910-678-7770

Chairman: W. Marshall Faircloth

Clerk to the Board:
Candice White

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Mailing Address:
PO Box 1829
Fayetteville, NC 28302-1829