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Clerk to the Board

The Clerk to Board is appointed by the Board of Commissioners, performs any duties that may be required by law or by the Board of Commissioners and serves at the pleasure of the Board. The Clerk manages all activities of the Governing Body Department and serves as a member of the County’s Leadership Team.

  • The Clerk attends all official meetings of the Board of Commissioners; prepares full and accurate minutes of the proceedings of the Board of Commissioners and general accounts of closed session meetings; serves as the custodian of records within the Governing Body Department including minutes, ordinance books and resolutions.
  • The Clerk is responsible for creating and publishing the Board of Commissioners’ annual meeting schedules and preparing public notices of official meetings in accordance with the open meetings law.
  • The Clerk administers oaths; researches information contained in records of official meetings; and attests and certifies documents on behalf of the County.
  • The Clerk prepares the budget for Governing Budget department; authorizes all expenditures, purchases and reimbursements; and prepares legal advertising of the annual budget public hearing.
  • The Clerk serves as a liaison to the public by providing for citizen input during public hearings and public comment periods; receiving visitors; referring phone calls and visitors to appropriate County Commissioner or County department; and responding to requests for information.
  • The Clerk supervises the Deputy Clerk who coordinates the volunteer citizen advisory boards; maintains the Board of Commissioners’ calendar; and handles travel arrangements.

The Clerk’s Office is open to the public on normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) five days a week. The office is located in the Cumberland County Courthouse on the 5th floor.

Candice H. White, Clerk to the Board
117 Dick Street
Cumberland County Courthouse, Room 561
Fayetteville, NC 28301
Phone: 910-678-7771
Fax: 910-678-7770

Kellie Beam, Deputy Clerk
117 Dick Street
Cumberland County Courthouse, Room 554
Fayetteville, NC 28301
Phone: 910-678-7772
Fax: 910-678-7770

All matters pertaining to District and Superior Courts, such as court payments or estates and wills, are handled by the Clerk of Court's Office at 910-475-3000.

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