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The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners recognizes the importance of public participation in good governance and invites County residents to apply to serve on the County's citizen advisory boards.

  • Some of these boards meet during the day. Before submitting an application, please check the meeting schedule to be sure you are able to attend the meetings. Click on the links above to view a description of the citizen advisory boards, meeting schedules and current vacancies.

Download Application Form

You may submit your downloaded application by fax to 678-7770 or mail to PO Box 1829, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28302-1829.

Online Application Form

If you wish to be considered for appointment to one of these boards, please complete the following form:

Race: Sex:
Home Address: City:
Telephone: Home: Work: Mobile:
Email Address:
Educational Background:

Are you currently serving in one or more appointed or elected positions in any federal, state or local government agency?
If so, please give the following information:
Term Ends:

Are you a graduate of a leadership academy below?
Institute for Community Leadership
Leadership Fayetteville
United Way's Multi-Cultural Leadership Development Program
Cumberland County Citizens' Academy

Are you a graduate of another leadership academy?
If so, please list:
  • Please click on the square below the citizen advisory board in which you have interest. You may select up to four (4).
  • Some of these boards have membership categories representing certain professions or sectors within the community. For citizen advisory boards with categories, please check the box beside the category for which you feel you qualify. General public categories are open to all citizens.
  • A.B.C. Board
    • General Public
  • Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee
    • General Public (Vacancy)
  • Animal Control Board
    • City of Fayetteville Resident
    • General Public
    • Person who Promotes Goals of the Animal Protection Society or the Humane Society or Another Such Broadly Based Organization Interested in the Care and Protection of Animals
    • Person with Knowledge and Experience in Dog Behavior and/or Handling (Vacancy)
  • Board of Adjustment
    • General Public
  • Board of Health
    • Dentist
    • Engineer
    • General Public
    • Optometrist
    • Pharmacist
    • Physician
    • Registered Nurse
    • Veterinarian
  • Cape Fear Valley Health System Board of Trustees
    • General Public
    • Medical Doctor
    • Registered Nurse
  • Civic Center Commission
    • General Public
    • Restaurant Owner
  • Cumberland County Cemetery Commission
    • General Public
  • Cumberland County Community Child Protection/Fatality Prevention Team
    • Emergency Medical Services Provider or Firefighter
    • General Public (Vacancy)
    • Law Enforcement Officer/Fayetteville Police Department
    • Law Enforcement Officer/Sheriff's Office
    • Parent of a Child Who Died Prior to 18th Birthday (Vacancy)
  • Cumberland County Finance Corporation
    • General Public (Vacancy)
  • Cumberland County Home and Community Care Block Grant Committee
    • Aging Service Provider (Vacancy)
    • Civic Representative
    • Elected Official (Vacancy)
    • Older Consumer (Vacancy)
  • Cumberland County Industrial Facilities and Pollution Control Financing Authority
    • General Public (Vacancy)
  • Cumberland County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
    • General Public (Vacancy)
    • Juvenile Defense Attorney
    • Member of Business Community (Vacancy)
    • Member of Faith Community (Vacancy)
    • Person Under 18 (Vacancy)
    • Substance Abuse Professional
    • United Way or Nonprofit Representative
  • Cumberland County Local Emergency Planning Committee
    • Community Group Representative
    • Emergency Management Representative
    • Firefighter Representative
    • First Aid Representative
    • General Public
    • Health Representative
    • Hospital Representative
    • Law Enforcement Representative (Vacancy)
    • Local Environmental Representative (Vacancy)
    • Operators of Facilities Representative
    • Print and Broadcast Media Representative
    • Transportation Representative (Vacancy)
    • Utilities Representative (Vacancy)
  • Cumberland County Workforce Development Board
    • General Public
    • Representative of Business (Vacancy)
    • Representative of Economic Development
    • Representative of Education/Training
    • Representative of Labor
    • Representative of Workforce
  • Equalization and Review Board
    • Appraiser
    • Businessman
    • Farmer
    • General Public
    • Home Builder
    • Industrialist
    • Real Estate Agent
  • Farm Advisory Board
    • Cooperative Extension Representative
    • Farm Bureau Representative
    • Farmer
    • Natural Resource Conservation Service Representative
    • Planning Board Representative
  • Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors
    • General Public
    • Hotel/Motels Over 100 Rooms Representative
    • Hotel/Motels Under 100 Rooms Representative
  • Fayetteville Cumberland County Economic Development Corporation
    • Elected Official
    • General Public
  • Fayetteville Technical Community College Board of Trustees
    • General Public
  • Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission
    • General Public
  • Human Relations Commission
    • General Public
  • Joint Appearance Commission
    • General Public
  • Joint Planning Board
    • General Public
  • Jury Commission
    • General Public
  • Library Board of Trustees
    • General Public
  • Mid-Carolina Aging Advisory Committee
    • Consumers
    • Elected Official (Vacancy)
    • Volunteers
  • Minimum Housing Appeals Board
    • General Public (Vacancy)
  • North Carolina Southeast
    • General Public
  • Nursing Home Advisory Board
    • General Public (Vacancy)
  • Senior Citizens Advisory Commission
    • General Public
  • Social Services Board
    • General Public
  • Southeastern Economic Development Commission
    • General Public
  • Tourism Development Authority
    • General Public Not Affiliated with Tourism
    • Hotel/Motels Over 100 Rooms Representative
    • Hotel/Motels Under 100 Rooms Representative
  • Transportation Advisory Board
    • Aging Programs Representative
    • City of Fayetteville Representative
    • County Health Director or Designee
    • County Planning Director or Designee
    • Dialysis Center Representative
    • Emergency Medical Services Representative
    • General Public
    • Mental Health Representative
    • Metropolitan Planning Organization Representative
    • Mid-Carolina Council of Governments Director or Designee
    • Sheltered Workshop Director or Designee
    • Social Services Director or Designee
    • Social Services Work First Representative
    • Urban Transit Provider
    • Vocational Rehabilitation Director or Designee
    • Workforce Development Center Director or Designee

Applications may be submitted at any time.
When openings occur, all applications will be considered.
Thank you for your interest in serving Cumberland County and your fellow citizens.

This application is a matter of public record and as such portions may be subject to release under North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 132 Public Records.

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