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Foster Care Program

Cumberland County Animal Control has implemented a foster care program. This program is designed to save as many animals as possible. This is not a program to see if an animal works out in your home. Short-term care is what is needed. The foster program is designed for the following kinds of animals:

  1. Pregnant and nursing dogs and cats.
  2. Orphaned puppies and kittens. High-level of experience such as bottle feeding is required to do this.
  3. Puppies and kittens brought into the shelter that are not quite old enough to place on adoption.
  4. Animals needing recovery time from medical procedures or illness.
  5. Animals that rescues will take as soon as they have a space or transportation.
  6. Young animals that need to learn social skills in order to go up for adoption.

Fostering an animal can take as long as three months to just a few days depending on the animal's foster care needs.

Foster parents must be 18 years old and sign a liability waiver.

The foster program is already saving lives. Animal Control would like you to join our life saving team.

Foster orientation is the third Saturday of each month at 2 p.m. at the Animal Control department, 4704 Corporation Dr. in Fayetteville.

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