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Animal Control Board - Description and Current Members

The purpose of the Animal Control Board is to hear appeals pursuant to Section 3-91e of the Cumberland County Code.

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Statutory Authorization: Section 3-28.1 of the Cumberland County Code

Member Specifications:

7 Members with Specific Categories:

  • Person with knowledge and experience in dog behavior and/or handling position (1)
  • Person who works in promoting goals of the animal protection society or the humane society or another such broadly-based and representative organization interested in the care and protection of animals position (1)
  • Ex-Officio, the veterinarian on contract to the Animal Control Department position (1)
  • At-Large positions (2)
  • City of Fayetteville resident positions (2)

Term: 3 Years

Compensation: None


  • Hear appeals from determinations of the Animal Control Director (or his designee) concerning potentially dangerous, dangerous or vicious dogs;
  • Hear any other appeals provided for by ordinance concerning determinations of the Animal Control Department;
  • Provide advice and information to the Animal Control Department;
  • Upon coordination with the Animal Control Director, make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for the betterment of the county’s animal control program;
  • In conjunction with the Animal Control Department and the county’s Communications Manager, provide for a program of public education, information and outreach concerning responsible pet ownership, animal cruelty, and the county’s animal control program;
  • Select officers of the board, including a chairperson, and adopt rules of procedure.

Meetings: First Monday of every other month (Feb./Apr./June/Aug./Oct./Dec.) at 6:00 PM. (No meetings held on first or last day of any month.) The average length of a meeting varies.

Meeting Location: Animal Control Department 4704 Corporation Drive Fayetteville, NC

Members: Contact Info:
Michelle Harris
Jill Deems
Shelly Bryant
Cindy Collins
George Butterfly


Cumberland County Animal Control Department
Dr. John Lauby, Director
Phone: (910) 321-6857
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