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Frequently Asked Questions

The Cumberland County Animal Control Department receives numerous calls from citizens inquiring about services as well as, how to handle injured animals, what to do if bitten, etc. Compiled below are the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Please select an area from the list.

General Information

Does the County have rabies clinics? If so, when and where is the next one?

Yes. Every April in conjunction with the Health Department and local veterinarians.

Does Animal Control provide emergency service 24-hours a day? If not, who do I call in an emergency?

Yes. An Animal Control Officer is available after 5 pm, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Call 323-1500 and ask for an Animal Control Officer's assistance.

What are the Animal Control Shelter's hours of operation? Where is the Animal Control Shelter located and how do I get there?

See Location & Hours of Operation page.

If I find an injured animal, what should I do?

Call Animal Control at 321-6852.

Who do I notify in the event I find or see a dead animal on the side of the road?

Call the Department of Transportation (DOT) for animals found on County roads at 486-1421. Call City of Fayetteville Sanitation for animals found on city roads at 433-1511.

If an animal runs out in the road and I hit it, is the owner of that animal liable for any damage to my vehicle?


Can I bring an unwanted pet to the Animal Control Shelter?

Yes. There is No Charge to bring animals to the shelter.

Are all animals brought to the shelter, whether they are strays or unwanted pets, euthanized after 72 hours?

No. Strays are held for 72 hours and may be adopted on the 4th day, if adoptable, depending on the animals health and behavior. Owner surrendered animals are immediately available for adoption. We do not guarantee adoptability of any animal, stray or surrender.

Are there any shelters in the area where I can take an animal that I can no longer keep? Who are these rescue groups and what are their telephone numbers?

Yes, there are four other shelters in the area. Click on the link to view their location and telephone numbers.

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Animal Bites

If I'm attacked or bitten by an animal, what should I do?

Call Animal Control at 321-6852 to report it and try to locate the owner of the animal, if possible. Then seek medical attention if the skin has been broken.

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Can anyone adopt an animal from the Animal Control Shelter?

Yes. As long as they are 18 years of age or older.

What types of animals are available for adoption?

Dogs and cats.

How much does it cost to adopt an animal?

See the Pet Adoption Fees page.

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Laws / Ordinances

Is there a limit on the number of pets I can have?

Yes and no. In all zoned areas of Cumberland County you can have a maximum of three (3) adult dogs (5 months or older); there is no limit on the number of cats or farm animals.

What are Cumberland County Laws and Ordinances on keeping a pet?

See Regulations page.

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I have a dog or cat, do I need a license?

Yes, a county license is required for each dog or cat, the cost is $7.00 per animal if the pet has been spayed / neutered, however, if not the fee for each animal is $25.00. Licenses are available at the Cumberland County Animal Control Office.

Please fill out the following form and send it to the address provided on the form:
New Pet License Application

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Lost Pets

I've lost my pet, what should I do?

Call Animal Control at 321-6852, better yet -- come by the Animal Control Shelter on a daily basis; post signs; call local veterinarians; ask neighbors and thoroughly check your neighborhood.

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Found Animals

I have found a dog or cat, what should I do?

Call Animal Control at 321-6852; post signs; call the veterinarians located in the area the animal was found to find out if anyone has reported their animal missing; and ask neighbors.

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Can I make a donation of food, pet supplies/accessories, etc. to Animal Control?

Yes. We can accept material items such as carriers, food, newspapers, leashes, cat litter, collars, etc. at the Animal Shelter.

If I make a monetary donation to Animal Control, is it tax deductible?

Yes, donations to the Injured Animal Stabilization Fund are eligible for tax deduction. The fund is used to relieve the suffering of animals injured when struck by vehicles.

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Animal Cruelty/Mistreatment

What is animal cruelty?

Any abuse or neglect of an animal. For example, a pet owner could be cited for animal cruelty for failing to provide water, shelter or veterinary care if the animal is injured. (See Cruelty to Animals under regulations).

There's an animal tied up all day with no water, food or shelter -- who should I report it to?

Call Animal Control at 321-6852.

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Impounded Dogs and Cats

I received notification that my missing pet has been impounded at the Animal Shelter. How do I retrieve my pet? Is there a cost?

Come to the shelter bring proof of ownership, rabies vaccination and County license. There is a cost of $30.00 for the first day and then $10.00 per day for every day in our custody; additional charges may include $10.00 if not vaccinated against rabies. There is a cost of $7.00 - $25.00, if unlicensed and any additional fines and penalties that have been assessed.

If my pet is impounded, how long do I have to retrieve it from the shelter?

72 hours, unless the pet has tags and then it is held 14 days.

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